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[AIDANDY] A is for

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As the first letter of the 26 alphabets, the letter A may signify a lot of things. It mostly represents the beginning which somehow is appropriate for my first entry.

For this post, A is for Aidan. Yes, sweetheart, this post is for you. I would like to dedicate my first blog post on this special day for you.

You may not know this, but I was an avid blogger but then decided to completely shut everything out five years ago due to personal reasons. My blog was my life, and losing it meant a big deal for me. Discovering that I no longer have access to share my thoughts through writing – that i deemed to do best – changed me a lot as a person.

And finally, today I decided to start again – fresh, flustered with my heart unsettled. I chose this particular day because today’s date meant the world to me.

14th December 2015; the day you were born. Also the day my perspective towards every single thing took a 360° turn.

You have always been there for me. Not that you have a choice, since you were in my belly at that point of time. The bond that we share is incredulously close – I never thought I could love someone as much as I love you. You have always been such an easy baby even throughout my pregnancy and I am very grateful for that.

Through high and low, you were always there. Only you knew the things I had to go through… and it wasn’t all pretty.

When I finally get to hold you in my arms, I simply stared at you. The feeling’s indescribable, almost ethereal. You were so small, so fragile, so precious. And perfect. A little bit sticky, but still perfect.

Witnessing you grow has been such a pleasure for me. You really are a wonder – bright and inquisitive but a little bit weird (a good kind of weird) most of the time. It has only been a handful year, but I am already looking forward to more.

So, Aidan, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday. It’s your first and a milestone for both your father and I. I would like to thank you for changing me to become a better person. It was you who taught me about patience. It was you who taught me to be an expert diaper changer. It was you who taught me to be stronger. It was you who taught me what pure love is. And I am looking forward to learn more new things from you.

I love you very much. More than anything else. & I will always keep you in my do’as.


Your Ibu.

p/s Please outgrow your habit of making a mess out of my neatly folded clothes in the drawer.


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