[OPINION] What blogs do

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Do blogs still work the same way as they did five years ago?

Nowadays, majority sees it as a job but I still see it as an e-diary. I used to religiously jot down my emotions and whatnots in my blog whenever I feel like it. Happy or sad, rain or shine. Come what may.

I guess the best part about having a blog is when you discover its ability to work as a time capsule. Resurrecting my old blog is my favourite thing to do; I get giddy and excited, almost similar to a child on Christmas Day. Reading all the entries, trying to figure out when it was written and what inspired me to write… makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The moment recognition kicks in, I can feel my eyes brighten and a lightbulb inside my head goes ‘A-ha!’. It also feels as though I am discovering a hidden part of me, that was left behind in the midst of moving forward.

As time passes by, you are urged to move forward and to move on, forced to leave behind excess baggage that is weighing you down. And in that moment that you are in auto-pilot, you failed to realize that you are shedding your own skin – parts of you that are weak and disconcerted. It’s like doing spring cleaning and finding old photographs of you and friends you no longer keep in touch with or finding that favourite (ugly) t-shirt of yours that you wear almost every day during your adolescence. All these items are kept hidden, scattered, away from your realization. Items you once considered gems, now lost and forgotten.

The moments you get from reminiscing only last for several minutes. However, the feeling could last for a lifetime (I feel, for me). Reading my old entries gives me insights on life lessons I encountered at that point of time. I was reminded of the person I was, the ordeals I went through and the wrong decisions I overlooked.

Discovering yourself is one way to improve in order to avoid repeating same mistakes. Sometimes a memoir is all it takes to pull yourself back to the initial starting line, no matter how far you have run.

Well, other than all this serious talk, I also get a good laugh discovering all those embarrassing photos of myself. You know, photos that depicts my horrendous fashion sense (seriously what was I thinking wearing faux leather leggings and the likes of it omg). Don’t even let me get started on all those horrible syiok sendiri photos during the  cUt3_guRlz@msn.com and i_am_an_emo_kid.com era……..

Hope this blog will be another great time capsule for years to come.


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