[TRAVEL] How we survived Europe with a baby (part I)

“You are bringing your baby along? Why?!”

“Omaigosh you are seriously thinking of bringing your baby too?”

Above are some of the reactions I received after saying I will be bringing Aidan along for my Euro trip. An alarm goes off in my head, and I smiled nervously.

“Yes of course he’s coming too. I can’t leave him! We’ve never been separated!” *cues melodramatic background music*

I thought it was obvious, why would anyone leave their child behind on what’s supposed to be called a ‘family holiday’.


Takkan la I have the heart to leave him! I mean c’mon look at him!

But to say I was not nervous at all would be an understatement because of these reasons:

  1. Aidan has never been on an airplane. Not even for a short distance journey.
  2. It was the ending of Fall season, which means the weather was transitioning to a colder climate.
  3. Aidan was catching a cold from me (I had been sick for two weeks prior the trip, it was horrible).
  4. I have zero experience bringing Aidan on long trips. (The longest was four days, to Melaka and Port Dickson – which frankly to me, does not count)

My first fear was, surviving the airplane journey. I’ve heard and read a lot on why babies cry on the airplane and I could not envision if that had happened to me *cries*. So I was mentally prepared, reading up on articles on how to avoid that circumstances. The most important part is during take-off and landing, due to air pressure. I kept a mental note to myself and keep reminding myself to not panic.


Woohoo here we go Aidan! Your first ever in-flight experience! (Please don’t cry)

So when we were in our seats and the lights turned off, I stood rigid, my mind chanting “breastfeed! breastfeed! breastfeed!” and I quickly put Aidan in the position to breastfeed. As the plane moved forward and prepared itself for take off, I closed my eyes and prayed hard – at the back of my head still hearing the chants going on cheering for me in a sing-song cheerleader voice.

breastfeed! breastfeed! breastfeed!……….

And then we were off. I shut my eyes hard, expecting to hear a wail. But I heard none. I opened my eyes and took a glance at Aidan, who was peacefully sucking, almost halfway asleep. And at that moment I felt like doing a celebratory dance but I didn’t because duh I didn’t want to wake Aidan up and plus the seatbelt sign was still on…

The whole journey took 12 hours, and thankfully for me, Aidan slept for 10 hours straight. We were quite lucky to get a night flight so Aidan’s used to his sleeping time. The two hours that he was awake I fed him food and let him watch his favourite videos on his iPad. And I repeated the same process during landing and fortunately, all was good!

Surviving Aidan’s first flight – checked!


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