[FAMILY] 730 days with you

Two years ago on this very date, I married the love of my life.


His name is Nazeef.

Before I met him, I have always been engulfed in a thick cloak of doubt when it comes to love and relationship.

I have read so many love stories, watched romance movies, heard real life stories about love, and I always wondered, how does it feels like to really, really be in love. Like madly, deeply, truly in love. To the extend you can’t stand the fact of being apart from the person you love. That it actually kills you little by little with every passing moment you are without the person you love. And you notice there’s a deep void inside you, you feel there’s a big piece of you that is missing and there’s this strong longing that actually affects your mood and makes you lose the desire to do anything.

When Nazeef made an appearance in my life, the cloak of doubt dispersed, clearing my vision.

I began to understand what true love really is. The kind that you can only read in fairy tales; the kind that you can only hear from old couples whose eyes still shine whenever they gaze into their partner’s eyes. I never knew I could ever love this much.

It’s an overwhelming feeling that takes control of your body. You feel warmth in your chest, right where your heart is. Your fingers and toes tingle. You get light headed every once in a while. And your cheeks often hurt from smiling too much.


The thing is, I’ve always pictured love to have a limit. Like happiness. I thought you’d eventually reach a limit to love, and the way you treat the person you love will be just that and it can’t go any better. And I thought the state of happiness I experienced before had reached the limit. I said to myself, well, this is it. This is the limit. There’s no way I can feel any much happier.

But I was wrong. There’s so much love and happiness I have yet to feel, to give and to receive. Especially with him.

730 days on, and here we are, still driving each other crazy. But surviving – definitely surviving, without any signs of surrendering. Nobody said it was ever easy. Nope. Marriage is never easy. It takes a whole lot of time, commitment and effort to make it work.

I don’t care how cliché this sounds, but he is perfectly imperfect for me, as I am to him.


I love you more than you will ever know. Nobody else in the world understands you the way I do. Nobody else in the world knows you thoroughly inside out and I intend to retain that privilege. Nobody else in the world knows the things you have done for me and the sacrifices you have made.  You are my key to Jannah, and there’s no one else in the world I want to spend the rest of my life with.


I pray that no matter how hard the challenges are, we will be holding each other’s hands to overcome it together. Nothing and nobody will ever come between us, deal?  Except death. And (maybe) Liverpool. Hehe.

May Allah bless our marriage with barakah, happiness and rezeki endlessly.

Happy two years anniversary sayang. Love you always!

p/s Hmmmm lately ni phone asyik hang la…..


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