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[EXPERIENCE] First labour: How it went (Part I)

Warning: Lengthy post and contains a hefty number of TMI moments. Read at your own risk.

I’m having fits of giggles remembering one of FRIENDS episode, “The One With The Birthing Video” [S08E15] (for those who do not know, I am a FRIENDS geek and I get cheap thrills reciting lines extracted from the series)(Yes I’m one of those annoying people who memorizes drama lines)(And yes I do memorize every lines from every episodes). Here’s one particular scene that I really love:

Rachel: (about the birthing video) Why is that baby torturing that woman?
Chandler: Why have I seen this thing three times?!
Monica: It’s still beautiful.
Rachel: It’s horrible!
Monica: I know! I know, I’m so sorry for you!
Rachel: Oh, my God!
(Monica and Rachel cover their eyes)
Rachel: What do I do? I don’t want to do this! How do I get out of it?
Chandler: You guys, you guys, look!
Rachel: What? Did her ass explode?!

It’s normal for one to wince when they hear about childbirth. It is normally associated with pain and fear and a combination of these two words innately paint quite an unfavourable picture. It’s immensely hard for a person to react to childbirth without looking like Monica, Rachel and Chandler.

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Pic from Google

So when I gave birth to Aidan, I was naturally bombarded with kajillion questions.

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[OPINION] Why can’t we be nice?

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As I was doing my daily news checks, I came across an opinion piece on Malay Mail Online that caught my attention. The title reads: “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women” and was referring to the Facebook group who threatened to spray paint women dressed inappropriately during Thaipusam. I did not manage to find the article to share here, but I thought it was an interesting read (albeit with a few unnecessary references). What I really wanted to talk about was the article’s catchy title, which sparked my interest.

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[TRAVEL] Munich & Füssen, Germany


First day in Munich

The train journey from Prague took us 5 hours. When we arrived at Munich Hbf, it was nearly dark. There were cars everywhere – and our surroundings were exuberant with the chatters of passersby, impatient car honks and German songs sang by street performers. Our apartment was right around the corner of the train station, so we decided to just walk, pushing our luggage through the busy crowd.

Walking towards our apartment made us realize that the whole street was actually occupied with Halal restaurants (much to our delight, I remember everyone was famished then). Finding our apartment was tricky at first because we couldn’t connect to our pocket wifi, which was the reason why my Google Maps did not load. The apartment that we stayed at was again booked from Airbnb.

When we arrived at the front door, we were greeted by Helen’s (the owner) daughter, Lea. She was very friendly and helpful, and we talked as though we have been friends for years. Lea brought us for a tour around the apartment, and provided us with an A to Z guide book that has information about everything basically, including the maps of the subway and trains. The apartment was okay; clean, comfortable and fully equipped. They even have a balcony (which would have been put to good use if it was during the Summer) but what I truly am satisfied with was the location. It’s walking distance to everything (train station, subway, halal restaurants, halal grocery store) which made our stay extremely convenient.

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