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[AIDANDY] Surviving Aidan’s first seated wedding!


I know I rarely post things about my family, especially about Aidan. That notion is intentional because of my own personal reasons.

Just a little tiny update won’t harm no?

Last Saturday, my family and I were invited to Siti Saleha’s wedding. For those who don’t know, Saleha is Malaysia’s very own celebrity/actress/hostess. So of course we already know there will be pretty much high standards on the wedding (grand, exclusive, formal).

The only problem was, we didn’t know whether to bring Aidan or not. Both Nazeef and I have had seated wedding invitations, but mostly we had to decline because we didn’t want to bring Aidan because we were afraid he might disrupt the whole formality with poo explosions and high-powered wailings and what nots… and we weren’t the type who would normally leave Aidan for someone else to take care (even family) because we didn’t want burden others.

So my mom told me that Aidan was actually included in the invitation and that it was fine to bring him along. Nazeef and I were nervous but there’s always a first time, yeah?

We decided on a what to wear (yes we always coordinate our outfits) and googled to see if we can find Batik for toddlers. It was very last minute, but thankfully we managed to find one. We got ours from Little Batik, and they have quite a few selections to choose from!


Finally, it was showtime (I mean, the wedding).

Our MUST HAVE Item  Weapons Checklist:

☑ Milk

☑ iPad

☑ Diapers (lots of em)

☑ Extra clothes

☑ Snacks

When we arrived, we were ushered to our table – which was a table away from the pelamin. My anxiety grew tenfold. A lot of what-ifs scenario raced in my mind, and to add onto my worries, there was only one exit, which was all the way across the hall. I gulped, a lil’ bit too much.

Once the waitress saw us approaching the table, she brought a baby chair and placed it next to my seat (which impressed me because I never thought we could have a baby chair at seated weddings! Clearly I have not been to a lot of weddings…).

So our first method to keep Aidan calm was: to distract him. Give him anything new to hold and play with. His attention span on new things would normally last from 10 ~ 15 minutes. We gave him the spoon, the door gift box, a pen, the welcome card etc anything to distract him!

When Saleha and the groom made an appearance, Aidan was completely unfazed. He sat in his seat quietly, fixated on the door gift box; figuring how to open it, poking the moist chocolate cake inside, and closing it back.

Okay, so far so good… I thought to myself. But that was only the beginning…

Do’a was recited by Uncle Baharom (Saleha’s father) and naturally there was a pin drop silence. Aidan seemed to awake from his trance and started to whine. He refused to play with anything so we decided to use weapon #1: A bottle of milk.

Weapon #1 got us through the speech phase too, what an ultimate relief! It was dining time next in the agenda, so we placed Aidan on his baby chair.


Weapon #2 was unexpected and wasn’t in our list: the moist chocolate cake in the door gift, LOL. We took some and placed it in the plate and Aidan minded his own business eating the cake… also making a mess throwing crumbs everywhere and using his thumb to squish the cake on surfaces… but hey whatever makes him happy (and quiet) right?

After dining, Nazeef and I brought him out at the foyer to let Aidan run around. Poor boy needs to feel his legs after sitting still (not quite).


Our theme for the night was “Batik with a hint of red”

When re-entered the hall, Bunkface was about to perform, so we managed to get “front row seats”. A punk rock band performing at a formal wedding ceremony??? Long story short, let’s just say it’s a family affair. And besides, it totally set a new benchmark for any future seated weddings we will be attending.

Weapon #3 (again unexpected): MUSIC. Aidan’s obsessed with dancing. He dances to any kinds of tunes. He even dances to LITE.FM 105.7 hello like seriously! Imagine how happy he was to be on the dance floor, shaking his booty (literally).

If you had viewed my InstaStory, you would see that lil fella twerking like Nicki Minaj.

But all twerking aside, we all had so much fun singing and dancing to Bunkface.

No photos because I didn’t take any but I do have a video of Aidan shaking his booty but need to pay to upload videos grrr….

Next on the agenda was queuing up to take photos with the bride and groom. Aidan, who was already energetic and pumped from dancing, now demands to roam around the hall, much to my dismay (mom wearing hells here help!).

Weapon #4: took out his iPad and let him watch his favourite ChuChu TV and Toy Pudding videos (please don’t ask… my son is a tad bit weird). Which buy us time for about 10 ~ 15 minutes until it was our turn to go on the stage to take photos.


So that’s how Aidan (or rather, we) survived his first seated wedding! Thankfully he wasn’t difficult to manage and was quite a good boy throughout the whole ordeal. Next time I need to give my son more credit… but then again we always need to consider others too as it IS their wedding and of course they want everything to go on smoothly (not pestered by screaming toddlers and broken plates…).

Would consider bringing you ONLY if your name is written on the invitation card OK, Aidandy? #mebeingamom #majlisorang #bukanmajliskita #hinthint



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