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New York City; My sanctuary


“If you are given a one-way ticket to any place in the world, where would it be?”

New York City, New York.


I have always had this strong affinity, sort of an attachment with NYC – ever since I was a little child. It’s incredibly amazing as to how I got myself to fall head over heels in love with the city, even through reading materials, iconic photographs, TV sitcoms and movies. There are a long list of things to love about New York City, and mine does not even have an end to it.

I promised myself I would bring myself to the iconic city one day, with my own blood, sweat and tears. I was (still am) a firm believer in making my dreams come true through the outcome of my hard work, because I truly believe the sweetness of the reward is greater that way. And with Allah’s will in 2012, my wish was granted. Got accepted to a state uni, secured myself a scholarship, packed my bags and off I went, to the city of my dreams.

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How I keep myself grounded

I was once asked a question by a friend that caught me by surprise:

β€œZaty, how come you always look so calm and collected? It’s like you are never fazed by anything at all.”

I blinked back, a smile frozen on my face. A thought flashed through my mind:

If only you knew…

Outwardly, I may look calm, but in my mind… it produces a kajilion of β€˜what-ifs’ questions every minute and will go β€˜boing-boing’ haphazardly in my head – each waiting for their turn to be answered.

I guess I have always been rather good in keeping my emotions in check, probably because I have a strong foundation in accepting occurrences (good or bad) that happen and knowing how to deal with them the right way.

Here are some of the things I practice in attempts to maintain a clear and controlled zen. Hopefully it will be a beneficial read for all of us!

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First labour experience: How it went (Part II)

Continuation from Part I

3 PM – 3.30 PM

My doctor came in with a smile and said to me “now, are you ready to give birth?” with her gloves on. I was put in the position to give birth; my back upright, my legs on top of the leg lifter thingy, my youknowwhat widely exposed to my doctor, the midwife and two nurses.

And then the pushing started.

I thought dealing with contraction was the hard part. Boy, was I wrong…

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