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[OPINION] #HormatHakOrang


To get things clear first and foremost – I am not a feminist.

Nor am I anti-feminist.

I just believe that gender equality should exist, but of course according to the Quran there are limits as to what gender equality should mean.

“Women shall with justice have rights similar to those exercised against them, although men have a status above women”


But I am not here to debate about Feminism. There’s a different topic I’d like to give my “2 cents worth”.

But oh, before I forget, Happy International Women’s Day to all ma girls around the world!

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[TRAVEL] Mecca, Saudi Arabia


I know, I know…

Before you judge me for leaving this space all dusty even after vowing to myself to write AT LEAST once a month – DON’T. I have been super busy with my business to the point I don’t even have time to think (about anything non business related).

I know I owe my readers part II of my Seoul trip, Japan trip, Bali trip and misc topics (I miss writing opinion articles!) but I thought I’d start writing again with the sweetest memory etched in my mind. The highlight of my 2017 – despite having to go to numerous places, this trip definitely left the most impact on me.

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[OPINION] Why do you need to be more forgiving


Prophet Muhammad  has so many admirable attributes embedded in himself.

But among all those attributes, I am always attracted to his compassionate and forgiving self – his ability to show utmost mercy and forgiveness to everyone, even his enemies! I always make a lot of research regarding this with hopes to better myself.

I am human, and I always try my best to not hurt other people. I believe in these sayings “What you give you get back” and also “If you do good, good will come to you”. However, the kind of treatment other people give me is beyond my control. I believe that all actions should be triggered and supported with common sense and also empathy, but unfortunately, it is evident that many people lack those two qualities.

But let’s face it, not everyone possesses the ability to forgive others.

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