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[OPINION] Why do you need to be more forgiving


Prophet Muhammad  has so many admirable attributes embedded in himself.

But among all those attributes, I am always attracted to his compassionate and forgiving self – his ability to show utmost mercy and forgiveness to everyone, even his enemies! I always make a lot of research regarding this with hopes to better myself.

I am human, and I always try my best to not hurt other people. I believe in these sayings “What you give you get back” and also “If you do good, good will come to you”. However, the kind of treatment other people give me is beyond my control. I believe that all actions should be triggered and supported with common sense and also empathy, but unfortunately, it is evident that many people lack those two qualities.

But let’s face it, not everyone possesses the ability to forgive others.

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[OPINION] How I keep myself grounded

I was once asked a question by a friend that caught me by surprise:

“Zaty, how come you always look so calm and collected? It’s like you are never fazed by anything at all.”

I blinked back, a smile frozen on my face. A thought flashed through my mind:

If only you knew…

Outwardly, I may look calm, but in my mind… it produces a kajilion of ‘what-ifs’ questions every minute and will go ‘boing-boing’ haphazardly in my head – each waiting for their turn to be answered.

I guess I have always been rather good in keeping my emotions in check, probably because I have a strong foundation in accepting occurrences (good or bad) that happen and knowing how to deal with them the right way.

Here are some of the things I practice in attempts to maintain a clear and controlled zen. Hopefully it will be a beneficial read for all of us!

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