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[OPINION] For The Love of Fashion

Since I was a little girl, I find it imperative to dress properly, just to look nice. I don’t remember when exactly I started, but I remember my parents played a huge role in educating me the importance of “dressing up nicely”.

It was a funny story really, before I hit puberty, I never bothered to dress up. I would always reach out for the first top and pants that were on top of the pile of clothes I owned in my closet. I guess my dad has always been more anal about this habit of mine. He would pass remarks saying “Takde baju lain dah ke????” (Are there no other clothes?) and “Asyik pakai baju sama je?” (Why are you always wearing the same clothes…) and “Kenapa pakai baju lusuh ni?” (Why are you wearing old clothes!) and “Ada ke keluar pakai seluar tidur. Pergi pakai jeans!” (Don’t you even think of wearing your pajamas out. Change into your jeans!).

And I remember I would make sure to dress nicely just to make sure my dad quits yapping on me, haha! My mom is more anal about cleanliness, but she’s also anti-sandals. Like, when we’re going out to the mall and if she catches me wearing selipar jamban (slippers) she would laser-eye me and say “Cubalaaaaah pakai kasut cantik sikit… penat je beli kasut mahal-mahal tapi tak pakai” (Can you wear nicer shoes? What’s the point of buying all those expensive shoes if you don’t wear it) with that syrupy sing-song voice dripping with lethal sarcasm.

Ah, good times.

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[OPINION] #HormatHakOrang


To get things clear first and foremost – I am not a feminist.

Nor am I anti-feminist.

I just believe that gender equality should exist, but of course according to the Quran there are limits as to what gender equality should mean.

“Women shall with justice have rights similar to those exercised against them, although men have a status above women”


But I am not here to debate about Feminism. There’s a different topic I’d like to give my “2 cents worth”.

But oh, before I forget, Happy International Women’s Day to all ma girls around the world!

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[TRAVEL] Mecca, Saudi Arabia


I know, I know…

Before you judge me for leaving this space all dusty even after vowing to myself to write AT LEAST once a month – DON’T. I have been super busy with my business to the point I don’t even have time to think (about anything non business related).

I know I owe my readers part II of my Seoul trip, Japan trip, Bali trip and misc topics (I miss writing opinion articles!) but I thought I’d start writing again with the sweetest memory etched in my mind. The highlight of my 2017 – despite having to go to numerous places, this trip definitely left the most impact on me.

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